Hi, I'm Gawin. Tech-nerd and Senior Executive with over 25+ years of experience.
My goal is to enable others to realize their dreams. I achieve this by creating state-of-the-art organizations and technologies that enable award-winning and innovative products. My responsibilities included vision, strategy, and every aspect of software- and product development. Scaling from zero to billions of users.


While I love sharing, I am not a writer. Hopefully these stories help or inspire you. Enjoy!

About me

Starting at a young age, I've been passionate about continuously improving myself and committed to overcoming the challenges I encounter. That perseverance, combined with a creative mindset, aided in achieving many of my goals early in life. For example, becoming a Dutch Lego building champion, started my first company at the age of twelve, played professional sports in the Dutch national youth handball team.

Recognizing the benefits of remote work, I started adopting this lifestyle early on and learned to mentor, coach, and empower remote teams. Inspired by the minimalist lifestyle, I pushed my comfort zones and travelled the world for several years with two 7 kg carry-on backpacks for our whole family.

Besides technology, I am also passionate about people (happiness and performance), coaching, sports, health, photography, design, minimalism, travelling, and exploring the outdoors.