I'm Gawin. Remote CTO, entrepenerd, and minimalist.
Currently making Nomad Family and the 7 kg challenge.
Exploring the world with a 7 kg backpack and two wonderful girls.


I am a technologist with 20 years as an engineer and engineering leader creating award-winning products. My responsibilities included every aspect of the software and product development life cycle. From the analysis, architecture, design, implementing, testing, deployment, hosting and infrastructure. Scaling from one to millions of users. I strongly believe in simplicity and empowering people to create and achieve things they never dreamed possible.


The last decade I focused on helping organizations find their purpose and develop successful strategies to achieve their goals, for example reaching 380 million people as CTO for Phonebloks (later Google Project Ara) or helping Choose Blocks with their record-breaking $1,6 million Kickstarter.

Whether it's building Fuga.io, an OpenStack-based cloud provider, or designing and maintaining Archive.org, I always enjoy working with passionate people on world-changing goals.

Recognizing the benefits of remote work I started adopting this lifestyle early on and learned to mentor, coach and empower remote teams. Traveling with our family inspired us to make Nomad Family. Drastically simplifying our lives, lead to the creation of the 7 kg challenge.


For years, people asked me to share my stories. Even though I love transparency and sharing my experiences, writing doesn't come easy for me and stays quite a challenge. I hope that these words might help or inspire you, enjoy!

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